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About Me - The Basics

Born in Omaha, NE 

Tristan M. Primes

Grew Up in Scottsdale, AZ

Currently Living in Minneapolis, MN

Parent of 2 dogs and 2 cats 

Transgender /Non-Binary 

Pronouns They /Them /Pickle

Medical Transition Started January 9, 2016

Breast Augmentation Surgery - Nov 19, 2019

Name Change February 7, 2019

Full Time Student (Minneapolis College)

Engaged June 24, 2018


A Journey With A Crown

I’ve been performing in Minneapolis, MN since 2016, originally getting my start in Omaha, NE. Starting out as a college student and needing to explore a hobby to relieve stress, I went to see a show at the local bar. Seeing those local performers started the process which is now a full time gig for me. Over the years I've perfected my art and snatched hats that have paved the way for me to be authentic.

Miss Teen Iowa Unlimited 2012

Miss Fire & Brimstone 2012

Miss Smokeless Diva 2013 

Miss Gay Omaha 2014

Miss Gay Nebraska United States 2014

Miss Wicked 2015 

Miss Five Nightclub Plus 2015

Miss Great Plains Unlimited 2016

Miss Gay Des Moines USofA 2016

Miss Gay Iowa USofA Newcomer 2017

Miss Drag Idol 2017 

Miss Gay 90's 2018

Miss Saloon 2018 

Miss Gay Minnesota USofA Newcomer 2018

Miss Gay Lonestar USofA Newcomer 1st Alt

Miss Lush 2019

 My next venture is Miss Trans USA 2020 


 Minneapolis Royalty

Miss Gay 90's 

2017 - 2018

Miss Saloon 

2018 - 2019

Miss Lush 

2019 -2020

Moving to Minneapolis, MN a dream of mine was to be able to work at every bar, I possibly could be at and I am fulfilled to say I accomplished that dream. Along with that dream I got to reign at some of the hottest Bars Minneapolis has to offer. Being the performer of  these establishments I have been able to be apart of, speak for, and advocate for a community that has taken me in and treated me as the person I show up as everyday. Being apart of an inclusive city that appreciates the art of drag and burlesque is an amazing, supportive, uplifting experience.