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He is Me, I am She is a mentor program I started earlier this year that is geared towards helping the LGBTQIA youth, mainly focusing on helping trans and non-binary youth find a sense of community. There have not been many outlets or events for them to be part of, seen or advocated for. 

The role of the mentor program is very similar to the "Big Brother, Big Sister" program but more closely geared to help them see humans like them surviving, thriving and above all living. What we see regularly in the news, on social media and in normalized conversations are not reflections of reality. Changing that view and refocusing the mind on those topics gives us more power to help and encourage the youth, socially find their way in society. Being visible in a world which tells you that you don't exist. This needs to change for our future will dwindle if they hide.

As a coordinator my role is mainly support, a shoulder, a guide and a source of unlimited resources of information, as well as providing an open inclusive space. Before moving to the Twin Cities I was very unaware of how progressive this city and state is, however I've gotten multiple opportunities to work with many nonprofits that also have a shared goal to open doors for youth. This program is just another way we are bridging the gap between the two.

I am recruiting a diverse group of mentors to expand the resources and availability to youth. If you would like to donate some time as a mentor, please contact me. The future of the program is being developed, and with your help can be limitless. As this expands, more information will be shared on my social media outlets.

Contact Me

Minneapolis, MN

tythunderkat@gmail.com : 612-297-3203

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