Our experience and approach as Facilitators and Speakers:

Tygra T. Slarii (they/them) and Damon Neathan (he/him) are Trans advocates and trained dialogue facilitators aiming to expand people's understanding of the Trans community. As a Black Trans NB Human and White Trans Man they use their privileges, experiences, and points of marginalization to provide a very educational experience for participants. 


Tygra is a fierce multi-faceted talent. Best known as a crowd favorite for their moves at many local drag venues, their impact reaches far past the stage. As a Trans Non-Binary POC, they use their life experiences to impact those around them. They work in the community for youth empowerment, anti-racism in the Trans/Queer community, and is a mentor to many Queer and Trans youth. They consciously live their life openly and vulnerably on social media to further break down myths about Trans Non-Binary POC and build body positivity. Tygra left a career in the medical field to obtain a degree in Gender Studies.


Damon worked in Higher Education as a social justice facilitator and Student Affairs Professional for 15 years and is currently running his own business as a fashion designer. He is inspired by fierce Transcestors that have broken boundaries with their clothing and femininity. Through his work, he aspires to make the Trans Community more welcomed and accepted in the apparel industry. In the Trans Community, he works to bring awareness of white privilege and masc privilege and works to unpack the duality of sexism and internalized sexism in the transmasculine and gender non-conforming communities.


They have found that most cis people really want to be Trans-friendly but are worried they will "say the wrong thing" so don't say anything at all. Tygra and Damon provide starting points to break the silence. They address stereotypes and historical information about the Trans community to provide people with  more understanding and connection with care. They bring a diverse overview of the Trans/NB Community, a non-shaming approach to being Trans-friendly, and action steps to make spaces you're part of more inclusive. 

What You Can Expect:

We offer a variety of session formats and offerings tailored to fit your needs and objectives. When hired, we work closely with organizations/companies to develop the correct flow and learning outcomes for you and your team. We have modifiable content that ranges from experimental exercises, lecture, overview and history of the Trans community, and challenge by choice activities. Objectives for each session are created in conversation with you to insure the curriculum is focused on advancing your team forward. 

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