New Beginnings

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Well here we are, as I am embarking on a new journey and chapter of my life. As many of you know I’ve recently returned from competing at the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Pageant in Dallas, TX. It was truly an experience I won't forget, it was also my last chance to try and capture the title. 3 years I dedicated my life to the big shiny crown. I breathed, thought and worked towards that goal. It didn’t happen for me within that time frame but I can’t wait to see what is next for me.

Which brings me to this new journey. Pageantry will always play a huge role in my life but I lost the thrill of performing along with the sense of who I am as a human. As I am grateful for the experience of being a newcomer, I am needing something deeper to maintain the role of being "Tygra" without the drag side of things. I've always been transparent with the community I reside in but I am ready to finally put my life completely out there for the world so that hopefully many learn from my experience and existence. 

I started my transition medically January 9, 2016 and through these blogs we will be discussing my ups and downs along with the in’s and out’s of the journey of being a trans woman of color living in a somewhat progressive community of Minneapolis, MN. We'll be diving into and discussing social political issues, race, gender, etc. We will also be diving into the program I started a while ago that is geared towards the trans youth and non-binary humans of our communities that don’t necessarily get to be part of the community based off of the age limit for many events. My role with this program is to be a mentor to many who seek the guidance and information, support, or a shoulder to discuss their issues without the fear of being over analyzed. 

With my current schedule of shows, school, and traveling I am very excited to have this blog where I am able to fully dive into things that I generally talk about on a daily basis with many who strike up conversation with me or are seeking info through my inbox. I look forward to sharing this space and conversing with you all soon.



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